Pakistan Association Bristol

Diverse in Heritage - United in Identity

Who we are and what we do?

 The Pakistan Association of Bristol (PAB) is to here support and promote the Pakistani Community of Bristol.  Outside of London, Bristol has one of the most diverse and multi cultural communities in Britain. Infact there are known to be 91 different languages spoken in Bristol. The PAB aims to build friendship with other communities by promoting communication and understanding of our diverse cultural heritages and to enhance social integration and harmony to creating 'Safer Community Living'. 

The PAB is a source of information and guidance across a broad spectrum of community issues, and a platform to celebrate our national culture and history in keeping our identity as Pakistanis. 

There are many social issues affecting family life within the Pakistani community (drug abuse, domestic violence, cultural restrictions and prison population) and the PAB will work to raise public awareness about such issues through literature, media and workshops, as well as promoting law abidance and incidence reporting within the community. The problems faced by young British-Pakistanis today is complex (drugs, crime, anti-social behaviour, radicalisation), and PAB recognises the importance of working closely with this group, and aims to raise awareness of the issues with relevant authorities and mobilise resources to tackle the problems faced by our youth.

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