Our Mission and Vision:

a) The PAB Website & quarterly magazine is currently in production to provide information about other service providers, current affairs, activities and to raise awareness about history and culture of Pakistan amongst the members of the community and their children and the wider community   

b) Establishing the Need Partnership with other organization to carry out research to

 identify the issues and needs of Pakistanis community living in SW England

 *To raise awareness through literature, media and workshops

 *To devise pragmatic solutions and programme to meet those needs

c) PAB Youth ProjectPakistani Youth Mentoring Scheme aims to provide assistance and support to young people who are at risk of under achievement within the educational field and business, and creating an environment for social inclusion.

 d) PAB Elderly Project Establishing a day care centre and creating social activities for elderly Pakistanis living in Bristol. Work in partnership with other service providers.

*For better living and involvement for the elderly group towards self worth and           respect

e) PAB Women’s Project Activities around skills development.

*To assist service      providers for better understanding of Asian culture and traditions.

*To motivate and educate women towards improving social inclusion and             development

f) Establishment of PAB Community Centre – develop a multicultural  ethnic community centre, where meetings and functions could be held, and people can come and meet others in an atmosphere of friendship and sharing.

g) PAB Recreational Activity-       

*To Celebrate National and Historic events important to Pakistani Community  

living in SW England

*To organise social, cultural, religious, welfare and sporting activities for Pakistani

community including children, students, men, women and elders for  recreational and other leisure time.

 *To facilitate workshops and information sharing for the benefit of members with    

 the local authorities, inter-faith groups, voluntary and other organisations so as to  

 advance their knowledge towards good health and social wellbeing