We will Never Forget You ... In memory of the Peshawar Attack Victims 16/12/2014

IMG 0519Remembering the Victims of the Peshawer Attack on a local school on 16th December 2014

PAB organised a vigil at College Green, Bristol on 20th December 2014

A two minute silence was held for the 145 victims, of which 132 were children that lost their lives, and to show the world the Bristol stands united against all forms of violence against innocent people.

We invited speakers from all sectors of the community including local Councillor Afzal Shah and the Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson. Shahid Zaidi of Pakistan Association Bristol hosted the event.

The Mayor expressed his feelings of the terrible nature of the attack. "It is the most horrific attack I can ever recall. I had to be here today to express my sadness and support for the people of Pakistan".

Ex-councillor Mahmadur Khan gave a very emotional and heartfelt speech: "We celebrate when our children pass exams, have a birthday or achieve something at each step of their development ..but today we are gathered with great sadness for what has occurred".

Councillor Afzal Shah: "Those people that carried out such attacks must have a warped mindset which is difficult to comprehend.”

Dr Christine Van Den Anker from West of England, lecturer on Human Rights "All children are our children and these had their right to life and education callously taken away from them."

Abdul Malik, Ex Councillor, "We need to look to the future. We need to educate our children in our schools and our Mosques and learn from the history of Pakistan, so these type of occurrences never happen again"

There was so much emotion in the air, and many of the speakers and those present were visibly affected. It was difficult to hold back the tears at times.

After observing a two minute minute silence there was laying of the reef by Aftab Foroze (Chairman Pakistan Association Bristol) and Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson