Working to Serve the Community

NADRA TEAM came to Bristol for three days: the 5th, 6th & 7th of May 2015

The NADRA Team completed 320 new applications in 3days.

"We cannot praise the NADRA team enough for their politeness, mannerism and approach towards their work for the community. The Team worked relentlessly under heavy load till 9.45pm tonight to complete everyone that had applied for their NADRA card. Thank you to all the community members too for showing great patience whilst waiting for their turn when called."

we had some great complimentary feedback text messages again today for which PAB is thankful:

Mashalla allahumdolilla

"The Pakistan Association Bristol, have done a master job of Nadra card set up in Bristol .. Very professionally planned and organised .. 10 out of 10 for set up I my self could not think of what else they could have done to make it better then what they did I give them 100%

May Allah swt bless them and all their families for this collective effort to do hidmat of our Muslim Pakistani community.

After seeing this set I saw today . I would put my trust into Pakistan Association Bristol to take the lead and help our community in other matters as well. I urge all of our community to give Pakistan Association Bristol full support ..In every way they can. A lot of their time has gone into doing this for us .. I know Allah loves those that help his creation .. We should therefore respect and appreciate what they did for us .. Khalil"

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