Many years ago, a very young Abdul Malik came to work for me at Brunel Associates on Stapleton Road(Bristol)
He was a fast learner and did very well but one day he came outright and said he was leaving. 
Why I asked? – You have a future here! But Abdul was insistent. His family had just bought a butchers shop in Easton and he needed to be with them. 
Reluctantly I saw him go. I was sure he was making a mistake but little did I know that Abdul was going to go on to much bigger and better things...and in that I learned a great lesson.
Abdul went on to become one of the youngest Councillor in Bristol and a candidate for Parliament for the Liberal Party in the last election. He is also deeply involved with community work and Chairman of the Easton Masjid, as well as the entrepreneurial business man that he is.
Had Abdul listened to me in those days, then I really don’t think he would done half the things he went onto to do. 
So the moral of the story is you can give the best advise you have to offer but ultimately it is one's own personal choices and actions in life that determines outcome relevant to oneself. You just have to let people decided their own path in life, and let the reward come from Allah (swt) ! 
A big thank you to Abdul Malik for being one of the sponsor for “Understanding Kashmir” event in Bristol.
Tanveer Karamat
Abdul jpeg